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There are so much things a Sim can you do in their life, especially once they have a career that they have chosen. Your careers let your Sim experience different stages of work life especially when you start out from the bottom and then work your way on the top. Your Sim experiences pay raises, and they can even help the aspirations of your Sims if applicable.

But what if you want your Sim to zip through these career paths and get promoted as fast as possible? This may not be applicable in real life, but you can do some in the Sims 4 thanks to cheats! Here we’ll be discussing the different cheats that you can order for your Sim’s career life.

Promoting and Demoting your Sims

If you have played the Sims 4 already, you’ll know that you’ll start from the bottom and work your way to the top in a career. While at work, your Sim’s performance will affect your promotional requirements, as well as completing daily tasks.

Promotion Requirements
Promotion Requirements

Thanks to cheats, you can skip all of these and simply promote your Sim if you want. There is also a way for you to demote them as well down by one level if you wish. The basic cheat command you’ll use are as follows:

careers.promote x
careers.demote x

X will refer to the career that you currently have. Take note that the career names that you need to put in the x section must not contain spaces or else it won’t work. Using these commands will increase or decrease your career level by one. This means that using the promote cheat up to 10 times will let you attain the max promotional career level. You can do this simply by using Copy and Paste at the cheat console.

Promotion/Demotion Cheat List

Now that you know how to promote and demote your Sim, you might be wondering what the career codes are specifically. Some careers have longer names and spaces therefore you might now know which ones to use.

We have compiled the promotion and demotion codes on the list below. We have also added career codes for kids going to gradeschool and highschool at the bottom.

Career Promotion Code
Career Demotion Code
careers.promote actor
careers.demote actor
careers.promote astronaut
careers.demote astronaut
careers.promote athletic
careers.demote athletic
careers.promote business
careers.demote business
careers.promote civildesigner
careers.demote civildesigner
careers.promote conservationist
careers.demote conservationist
careers.promote criminal
careers.demote criminal
careers.promote adult_critic
careers.demote adult_critic
careers.promote culinary
careers.demote culinary
careers.promote detective
careers.demote detective
careers.promote doctor
careers.demote doctor
careers.promote education
careers.demote education
careers.promote engineer
careers.demote engineer
careers.promote entertainer
careers.demote entertainer
careers.promote adult_freelancer_artist
careers.demote adult_freelancer_artist
careers.promote adult_freelancer_agency_maker
careers.demote adult_freelancer_agency_maker
careers.promote adult_freelancer_agency_programmer
careers.demote adult_freelancer_agency_programmer
careers.promote adult_freelancer_agency_writer
careers.demote adult_freelancer_agency_writer
careers.promote adult_gardener
careers.demote adult_gardener
careers.promote law
careers.demote law
careers.promote military
careers.demote military
careers.promote painter
careers.demote painter
careers.promote activist
careers.demote activist
careers.promote adult_active_scientist
careers.demote adult_active_scientist
careers.promote scout
careers.demote scout
careers.promote secretagent
careers.demote secretagent
careers.promote socialmedia
careers.demote socialmedia
careers.promote styleinfluencer
careers.demote styleinfluencer
careers.promote techguru
careers.demote techguru
careers.promote adult_writer
careers.demote adult_writer
careers.promote gradeschool
careers.demote gradeschool
careers.promote highschool
careers.demote highschool

You can add and remove Careers

What if you want to have other careers for your Sims? Usually, you’ll use your phone or computer in the game in order for you to quit work and then look for a job to do this, but you can also do this using cheats!

One thing that you can do as well is providing teenagers with adult jobs however this can be quite unstable and cause bugs. Before attempting this cheat, you’ll need to make sure that you save your game and have a backup of it. In order to add or remove careers, you’ll simple use the following cheats:

careers.add_career X
careers.remove_career X

You’ll replace X with the corresponding career code of your choice. You can look at the promotion and demotion codes to see the corresponding careers. This way you’ll get the career choice that you want quickly compared to going through the process of your Sim applying or resigning from a career. If you use this, as well as the promotion cheats, you can easily rack up reward traits if you have different aspirations as well per career!

We hope that our Careers cheat list will help you out if you plan to use these for your Sims. Letting them go through different careers can make your Sim’s life more interesting as well. You can swap careers if you’re bored of your current one, or simply zip your way through the top position in order to provide the benefits of your career. Don’t forget that we have other pages as well regarding Sims 4 Cheats, don’t forget to check our guides below:

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