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The Sims 4 Guide

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The Sims 4 is a life simulation game published by EA last 2014. This is one of the best-known life simulation games available and has been an ongoing series for quite some time. The Sims franchise is a series where you decide what you want to do with characters in your game called the Sims, these are people that you create, and you can form their personalities and customize how they look. Depending on which Sims game you play, you can have instances where you can create villages, or even cities.

Sims 4 Collection
Sims 4 Collection

Each Sim that you create can have their own personality, as well as careers. You can also make your Sims interact with each other and form new relationships. The Sims is a game that has a lot of possibilities on how you want to play due to its in-depth customization.

This is the fourth series of the Sims and has been released with the base game, as well as expansion contents. As of November 15, 2019, eight expansion packs have been released, with the 9th one being released on June 5th, 2020. The game also been extended with sixteen “Stuff Packs”, eight “Game packs” as well as updates that include the addition of the toddler life stage.

The content that has been released over time provides you with new ways of playing. You can determine how you’ll shape up the world that you are going to create for your Sims. In this guide, we’ll be discussing different aspects of the game to help you out with you Sims 4 journey.


  • Create your own Sims according to your liking including their looks, personality, and more
  • Set up your Sim's home with the neighborhood of your choice
  • Control the daily lives of your Sims and let them go through the different stages of their life
  • Build and Buy Modes for creating your Sim's home with plenty of configurations
  • Taking photos and uploading them through the game's gallery mode
  • Use of custom cheats to speed up your progression in the game

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