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Careers Overview

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You’ve created your Sim, and placed them in your Neighborhood of your choice. Now you must help them achieve their aspirations by providing them with the careers of their choice. Like us in real life, your Sims will need jobs and go to work, this is how they’ll be able to get money for their expenses and in order for them to grow and advance with their lives.

Careers have been a staple for the Sims for some time now. Each career that you choose for your Sim will make them go to a specific workplace a couple of days a week in order to learn, do work, and become better. There are different careers available in the game, and there are some careers that can only be acquired through the game’s expansion series. In this guide, we’ll provide you with the basics of careers in the Sims 4, we hope that this will help you out with your choices when creating your neighborhood.

What careers are available in the base game of the Sims 4?

How many careers are available when starting out with the game? Even if you don’t have the expansions yet, there are a lot of careers to choose from in the base game of the Sims 4. You can achieve the following careers for your Sims: Astronaut, Athlete, Business, Criminal, Culinary, Entertainer, Painter, Secret Agent, Style Influencer, Tech Guru, and Writer. There was also a patch that provided the Freelancer career as well.

Later on, additional careers were added through different expansions. There are careers like Actor/Actress, Conservationist, Critic, Detective, Doctor, Gardener, Military, Politician, Scientist, Scout, and even Social Media. No matter which choice that you make, your Sims can experience and master a lot of them as well so don’t worry if you made a choice, since you can change it later on.

How do you start a Career for your Sims?

So how does one start their career path? In the Sims 4, your Sims can use their phone or computer in order to look at different job listings available. It would be best to choose a career path for your Sim that matches the Aspiration that they have, this way they’ll be able to advance in their work properly.

Careers are important for your Sims because not only does this cover their aspirational needs, but your Sims will earn money and can even gain promotions to earn more. This in turn will speed up your progress in terms of developing the home of your Sims. While at work, you’ll need to check the requirements on how to get promoted so make sure to press ‘J’ to see more information.

Sims 4 Career List
Sims 4 Career List

As your job levels progress, you’ll have to level up the skills of your Sims along the way since they will be needed. Make sure to not overwork a Sim only and focus on that, since you will need to balance out other elements as well such as the Emotions of your Sim, their Needs, as well as their other Aspiration requirements.

How do you accomplish tasks during a Sim’s Career?

Most careers in the Sims let them go to work on their own, and you’ll just have to wait for them to come back home. While your Sim is working, you’ll need to guide them on doing specific tasks and making choices in their work day. Depending on the career that you have chosen, there’s a specific daily task requirement that you need to complete. Not only that, but you must also look at your Sim’s state of mind and make sure that they won’t be stressed out, hence they must have an Ideal Emotion.

Your Sim won’t be able to work properly if they are mad and frustrated, hence make sure that you cater to their basic needs at home before you head out for work. Pressing ‘J’ and checking your Performance will let you know which tasks need to be done.

Task List
Task List

You might notice that there are several choices that you can choose when clicking a Sim’s portrait while they’re at work. They can either Work Hard, Take it Easy, Make Connections, etc. their stay. But what does this mean? These options provide different effects while a Sim is at work, and they can affect your performance as well as emotions.

Depending on the choice that you make, this will affect your Sim’s emotion and stress levels. Each Career has a specific command as well that will help them improve their mood. If you are able to get your Sim to be in a good mood, you can then make them work hard without much consequences.

What happens if you maximize your Sim’s career level?

Each career that your Sim has can reach a performance level of 10. This means that the higher level that you have, the more efficient at work your Sim is and the more money that they can get. In the Sims 4, you can actually still obtain rewards even once you have reached level 10 for your Sim.

An update lets you continue getting better rewards for a Sim’s career. You can earn more money as long as your Sim is productive at work. This is why checking their emotions are important since this affects their performance. Depending on the amount of money that you gain, you can use this to improve your home and more.

Let your Sims go on Vacation

Each Career that you have for your Sim will provide vacation leaves that you can use. When starting out, you can have three vacation leaves, and you can actually gain more based on your Sim’s performance at work. This means that Sims should go to work when scheduled, and improve on their career. The vacation leaves that your Sims get will keep on increasing as long as you don’t use them.

File Vacations on your Phone
File Vacations on your Phone

The benefits of these are that they can still earn pay even if they’re not at work. However, the vacation leaves are based on the specific career that your Sim currently has, and they will be reset if you switch careers. You can provide Vacations for your Sims by using your phone or calling before you work.

Your Sims can improve their Skills based on their Career

When you maximize your Career for your Sim, you can get rewards in return that will let you provide a better mood for your Sims. Not only that, but your Sim can earn more money with less amount of time spent at work as well as they progress through their career. The career reward is an item that provides you with an Emotional Aura. This can make your Sim happy, and they affect the Skills that they have in order to get more money while doing a skill.

If you’re able to focus on maximizing your career, you’ll be able to have more time for your Sim to improve their other skills that they do, thus you’ll gain more money at the side which you can use for improvement.

We hope that this career overview helps. With so many career choices available, you can provide your Sims different ones so you can experience them. Help your Sims out with their daily tasks, and you'll be able to promote them in no time. You can also learn more about your Sim’s Emotions since this affects your Sim’s career. Please check our following guide:

Sims Emotions Guide

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