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Learning about your Sim's Needs

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Learning about your Sim's Needs

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Your Sim’s daily life will require that you cater to their Needs. Like us in real life, we need to eat, sleep, get entertainment, etc. The same can be said for a Sim since they have needs that you need to look after. You might be wondering what are the different needs that your Sims have in their life?

Thankfully the needs of Sims are narrowed down to specific categories, and all Sims share them. In real life, each of us can have a different need based on our personality. But we have basic needs that all need to be attended to, it’s the same way with Sims. Here, we’ll discuss what these needs are.

The 6 Types of Sim's needs

So how many needs are there in the Sims 4? Each Sim has six needs that you need to fulfill in order for them to have a happy life. It’s important to know each type of need available, and what the methods are in order to fill them up. If a Sim’s needs aren’t met, this will deplete their happiness and puts your Sim in a bad mood. If this happens, your Sim won’t be able to function properly, and they could be frustrated at their life.

Learning about your Sim's Needs

You’ll need to attend to 6 types of needs for each Sim. These include Bladder, Hunger, Energy, Fun, Social, and Hygiene. You can view the progress bars of these needs by pressing “O” in-game. If these needs are fulfilled, your Sim will live a happy life. Letting a Need deplete can stress out your Sim, and the worst possible case is death if you let your Sim get hungry for a long period.

This refers to the need of your Sim to go to the bathroom and use the toilet. Whenever a Sim eats or drinks, their bladder meter can go down.
This refers to the need of your Sim to eat. As a Sim’s day goes by, they can get hungry and they will need food to refill their hunger meter.
This refers to the need of your Sim to rest and get energized. Spending the entire day and doing physical tasks will gradually reduce a Sim’s energy meter
This refers to the need of your Sim for entertainment. Sims can get bored, or doing repetitive tasks can reduce their fun meter.
This refers to the need of your Sim for social interaction. Sims can get lonely if they are alone, or if they do not get to converse with others. Their social meter will go down if they don’t get interactions with other Sims.
This refers to the need of your Sim to be clean by using a shower or taking a bath. Each day, their hygiene meter will go down gradually and this is also affected if they do a workout.

How to fulfill your Sim's needs

So what do you do once any of their need meter turns red? In order to fulfill your Sim’s needs, you need to guide them and perform actions that will help replenish the bar. Some tasks in the game provide you with points, shown as happy moodlets, that help fill up the need.

For example, hunger can be replenished by providing Food for your Sim. If you manage a lot of Sims, you’ll need to balance out their needs with their other goals in life such as their aspirations. Their needs can be fulfilled as follows:

* Bladder: Use the toilet
* Hunger: Cook and then eat food
* Energy: Sleep in the bed or take a nap
* Fun: Watch TV, Listen to the Radio, Play games, etc.
* Social: Call up another Sim, Invite other Sims and interact, Have a housemate to talk to
* Hygiene: Take a shower or bath

Learning about your Sim's Needs

If you press 'O' and see a need that's near red, you can simply click that need in order for them to automatically do the action that you need in order to fulfill it. Once you have done the specific actions, your meter will then fill up back to green. Balancing out the needs of your Sims is needed in order to make them happy, this will help them out with their careers as well as their aspirations.

Now that you have learned about your Sim's needs, you'll need to check up on each of your Sim often in order to know if they need some attending to. You don't have to micromanage all of your Sim's actions since there will be times where they will fulfill the need of their own automatically.

A Sim's needs are important since they affect their lives daily, and this will also have an effect on their goals in life, as well as the careers that they have. Just like us, we want to be happy and we have needs that we fulfill. This is the same as your Sims! Having your Sim's needs met will provide them with different kinds of emotions, don't forget to check our Sim's Emotions Guide on the following link to know more about what kinds of emotions your Sim has:

Sim's 4 Emotions

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