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Giving your Sims Aspirations

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Giving your Sims Aspirations

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Welcome to our Sims 4 Aspirations starting guide! When starting the game, there are different aspects of your Sims that you will need to add in order for them to function in their daily lives. Aside from creating the looks of your Sim and providing them with different physical features, you should also be providing them a personality in order to differentiate them from other sims in the game.

Here, we will be discussing about what Aspirations are, and what they can do for your Sim. Providing each Sim with an Aspiration with a combination of different kinds of traits can provide you with unique Sims in terms of interacting with each other, as well as how they function in their every day lives.

What are Aspirations for the Sims 4?

So what exactly are Aspirations in the Sims 4? This is an important aspect when creating a Sim since they’ll be guidelines on what your Sim needs to do in order to progress with their life.You can choose a Sim’s aspiration when creating them. If you click the ? on the Hexagon, you can bring up the Aspirations list that will provide you with different choices:

Aspirations List
Aspirations List

Athletic: Lets you choose goals for your Sim what will help them develop their physical self. Your Sim will want to improve their fitness skills and work out often.

Creativity: Lets you choose goals that bring out the creative side of a Sim which includes writing, acting, music, creating, and painting. Depending on the career you choose, you can complete goals based on these fields.

Deviance: Lets you choose goals in the criminal field, letting you cause mischief and chaos. Sims can choose to become a public nuisance and fight with others as well, so their goals for this aspiration will be very naughty in nature.

Family: Lets you choose goals that relate to having your family household last long and improve. This can include letting your Sims go through their lifespan and continue their lineage, or it can even involve their attempts at being parents.

Food: Lets you choose goals that relate to the food and drinks field. The game lets you cook and create drinks and you can have different careers such as being a chef as well.

Fortune: Lets you choose goals that relate to money making, this can involve letting you Sims go through Businesses. Going through your career will let you get promotions and increase your salaries which will help with this aspiration.

Knowledge: Lets you choose goals that relate to letting your Sims learn through reading. There are different kinds of aspirations that let you master this which will involve your Sim's skills.

Love: Lets you choose goals that relate to letting your Sims have romantic relationships, this can include going through relationships and having boyfriends/girlfriends. Challenges for this aspiration can include going through a huge number of relationships.

Nature: Lets you choose goals that relate to nature, this includes planting, fishing, and getting careers that help out nature.

Popularity: Lets you choose goals that try to improve your relationship with other Sims in order for them to get popular, this includes creating friends, improving skills such as learning comedy, and interacting with as much sims as possible.

These are goals that they want to achieve in their lives, and once you have decided what aspiration they have, you’ll be the one to help them accomplish this. There are different aspirations available and you can check their descriptions by clicking the icons available. For more details about the different aspirations available per category, please check our following guide:

Aspirations Guide

Can you change your Sim’s aspirations?

What if you have created a Sim already and you’ll want to change your decision on what their Aspirations are? Is there a way to change them? If you feel that you may want to change your Sim’s aspirations, you’re welcome to do so even after you have created their character. Your Sim’s aspirations and goals can be checked by pressing “G”, this will open a menu about their current aspiration. If you click the Star Icon, you can change your aspiration there.

Each Sim will have specific goals that they can accomplish in order to provide them with points. There are different goals based on the aspiration you’ve chosen, and you need to help them complete the tasks that are being asked for.

Giving your Sims Aspirations

Once you have completed a task for your Sim, they’ll be able to progress and get newer goals. It’s important to help your Sim achieve their aspiration since this helps your Sim feel satisfied with their life, the rewards that you get for completing these goals lets you purchase items at the Reward store. Since there are numerous aspirations available, you can complete a lot of them for each Sim if you wish to so you can get more Satisfaction points for the store.

Now that you have given your Sims the Aspirations of your choice, you can then choose which careers would fit their aspirations. Having careers related to these fields will help develop skills faster as well. To learn more about the different career options, you can check our following pages:

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