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Welcome to our Sims 4 Emotions Guide! Just like us people, your Sims will go through a variety of emotions both good and bad. One major factor in determining the success of your Sims is how you manage through their emotions as they go about their everyday lives. Sims can become happy, and they can also get stressed out and be frustrated. Your Sims will be more successful in life if they are in a good mood.

If your Sims are frustrated, it will hinder their life since it can affect their day unless you do something about it. They might not be productive at work which will slow down your goals and aspirations. Thankfully, we’ll help you out so you can learn more about your Sim’s emotions.

What do Emotions affect?

How important are emotions actually? And what do they affect in your Sim’s life? A lot actually. Your Sim’s emotions are very important because this will be the factor on how your Sim does in terms of how they do well in their career, how they handle their interactions with others, how fast they develop their skills, and more.

Sim's Needs
Sim's Needs

A frustrated Sim will give adverse effects which will bring the opposite effects to what was pointed out earlier. The worst-case scenario is that a Sim can die if they continue with a bad emotion. This is why you need to make sure and check about a Sim's Needs properly. If these aren't met, your Sim can get stressed out. and having this prolonged state can lead to a Sim's death so be careful!.

What are the different emotions your Sim can feel?

Now that you know what emotions can do to your Sim, you’ll be wondering what kinds are available in the game that you’ll need to handle. There are two kinds of emotions that you need to look out for, Good and Bad emotions. You want to achieve good emotions for your Sims as much as possible and avoid the bad ones.

Good Emotions: Confident, Energized, Fine*, Flirty, Focused, Happy, Inspired, Playful
Bad Emotions: Angry*, Bored, Dazed*, Embarrassed, Sad, Tense, Uncomfortable

*Fine is the default mood while Angry and Dazed emotions are dependent on each Sim if it’s really bad or not. Angry emotions are acceptable with Sims that have evil careers such as Criminals.

How do your Sim’s emotions build up?

So how do emotions happen for your Sim? Since there are Good and Bad emotions, your actions for each Sim will affect their overall mood. In the Sims4, all Sims have Moodlets that you need to look after so you’ll know how their emotional state will be.

The Moodlets that your Sim can feel will also vary in time depending on the action that you have done. In general, you can build up Happy Moodlets or Angry Moodlets which will show your overall Sim’s emotional state.

Actions change your Sim's emotions
Actions change your Sim's emotions

Your Sim’s emotions will depend on the actions that they take, or the items that they interact with. Some items provide your Sims with happy moods, or things can go wrong which will give them frustration. The social interactions that your Sim has will also have an effect on their mood.

If your Sim does actions that provide good emotions, continuing these can provide better states of emotion. The default good emotions are Confident, Energized, Flirty, Focused, Inspired, and Playful. Keeping with these emotions and providing more can upgrade these to Very Confident, Very Energized, Very Flirty and more. These states provide good effects for your sims such as their performance in work or interacting with objects.

How do you get good emotions for your Sims?

How do you get your Sims to have good emotions? Different actions that you do as well as items that you choose your Sims to interact with will provide different kinds of effects. Here’s the list of good emotions, and the things that you can do to achieve them:

Activities can provide good moods
Activities can provide good moods

Confident: This refers to your Sim’s state of self esteem if it’s good. Having good Confidence will help you level up the Charisma skill which will provide better results with interactions that require it. You can gain confidence by Brushing teeth, drinking Earl Grey Tea, checking the mirror and using Psych Self Up, drinking a Mixology Drink, and interacting with confidence aura items such as paintings.

Energized: This refers to your Sim’s amount of Energy in order to do tasks. It’s important that this emotion is attended to if your Sim’s career requires a lot of work. The Fitness Skill requires this emotion, and some careers will need it such as Astronauts (Space Ranger), and Criminals. You can get energized by increasing your Fitness level, taking Brisk Showers, having Oolong Tea, creating High Energy Protein Plates, and interacting with energized auras from Entertainer career rewards.

Fine: This refers to your Sim’s neutral state. If your Sims are in a bad mood, you must provide them with good emotions in order for them to reach fine and then work your way up to other good emotions. You can get good emotions through normal actions such as eating meals, getting your Sim’s needs catered to, having Green Tea, having good decorations in your room, listening to music and more.

Flirty: This refers to your Sim’s emotional state in order to improve their social interactions with another Sim to something much more intimate. Flirty Sims can establish relationships with other Sims since they can get more interaction options in this emotional state. In order to improve this, you can use the Mirror to freshen up, use your computer to research pick up lines, use flirty interactions with other sis, drink Steamy Ginseng Tea, change clothes, and interact with Flirty Statues, Paintings, and Woodworking while having a Flirty emotion.

Focused: This refers to your Sim’s state of being in order to help improve their skills or actions. This can affect work like Gardening, Programming, having a Tech Guru career, etc. Your Sim’s Handiness, Fishing skills etc. can also be affected by this emotion. In order to increase your Sim’s focus, they can use the Computer and check Simipedia, study Fossils, Play Chess, Use the Observatory, get a reward from the Tech Guru career, and Pitching Black Tea.

Inspired: This refers to your Sim’s state in order to be more productive. This affects careers that are mostly related to the arts of creation such as Cooking, Painting, Writing, Music, etc. You can get inspired through a lot of methods such as using your Computer to browse art, admire art, assess art, take thoughtful showers, get rewards from Painter and Chef careers, as well as receiving postcards from pen pals.

Playful: This refers to your Sim’s behavior of being playful. This emotion is good for Sims with careers such as Entertainers. Be careful though because being excessively playful can make your Sim hysterical and they can actually die from laughter. You can be playful by taking a bubble bath, making silly faces in the mirror, watching comedy on the tv, interacting with Playful paintings/statues/woodwork.

How do you get bad emotions and how can you treat them?

As stated earlier, Angry and Dazed emotions are dependent on the situation and they can be okay if your career is a Criminal, and some are not that harmful. Aside from these, you must manage your Sim’s bad emotions or else having a bad mood for a long time can cause your Sim’s death, especially if they are Angry. Therefore, you must learn more about the bad emotions in the game and what you can do in order to help reduce it.

Needs not met
Needs not met

Angry: Sims can get angry if they receive an interaction that is unfavorable to them such as fights, or if they are near things they dislike. Mostly, these are from interactions such as disagreements with another Sim, seeing another Sim being flirty with the one your Sim likes, etc. You can ease up a Sim’s Anger by taking a cold shower, drinking chamomile tea, or using a punching bag.

Bored: Sims who are bored may not do their work properly, or they’ll refuse to learn things since it bores them. This is an emotion that you can easily avoid by interacting with objects or doing actions that provide good emotions. Avoid doing repeated tasks as well since this can induce the emotion.

Dazed: A Sim that is Dazed won’t be able to move properly for a few moments. This can happen to Astronauts who crash on their ship, or you can also experience this if a Sim loses a fight. Voodoo Dolls are also available in the game that can Daze others when used on a Sim. You can also experience this if your Sim tinkers with electric items and receives a shock. Continuing this action while dazed can cause death.

Embarrassed: A Sim that is embarrassed, and gets too much of this bad emotion can die so make sure to avoid it. Your Sim can be embarrassed through a couple of actions such as Teen Sims talking about Woohoo, failing at playing musical instruments due to skill level, peeing themselves, getting rejected, and more. You can remove this bad emotion by using the Bed and choosing “Hide from the World”.

Sad: Sims can get sad through negative experiences such as losing a loved one. They can also become sad if their social needs are not met. Not interacting with other Sims will cause sadness so try to avoid a Sim to be alone for a long time. You can alleviate Sadness by using your phone to call a hotline, or let them interact with other Sims.

Tense: The tense emotion can happen if your Sim isn’t having any fun. They can also get tense at work if they are asked to work hard while not being in a good emotional state, they can also get tense if their surroundings are on fire. In order to remove your Sim’s tense state, you can give them a Bath or calm down in front of the mirror.

Uncomfortable: This emotion can happen if your Sim’s needs aren’t met such as their Bladder, Energy, Hunger, and Hygiene. They can also receive this emotion if their surroundings are dirty therefore you must clean it up. Attending to your Sim’s needs will resolve this emotion.

Are there cheats for your Sim’s Emotions?

If you want to focus on other aspects of the game other than your Sim’s emotions, you can access cheat mode in order to bypass their emotional requirements. In order to access cheats, press Ctrl + Shift + C and then type testingcheats on and then enter.

Sim Emotions Guide

Once you have done that, you can choose a Sim that you want to alter their emotional requirements. Shift-click the sim and you can choose which to make them happy by pressing Cheat Need. You can also enable or disable their needs decay there.

If you do not want to check each and every Sim that you have, you can assign this per household as well. Simply use Shift-Click a Sim’s mailbox in their house. You can then focus on other things in the game as you wish.

This concludes our Sims 4 Emotions Guide! We hope that this information helped you learn more about what different kinds of emotions a Sim can have. There are different things a Sim's emotions can affect such as their work productivity, or how they live their lives. Now that you know more about their emotions, you can check our guide on how to make money in the Sims since having a happy SIm will help them be more productive! You can check more about this through our page below:

How to make Money in the Base Game
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