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Welcome to our Sims 4 Game controls Guide. You might be wondering what keys you need to press when playing the game. The game offers a lot of things that you can do in terms of controls and gameplay interactions, these can range from creating your Sims, developing their homes in detail, assisting your Sims with their daily lives, and so much more. Learning about the Sims 4’s Controls can help you out with your gameplay since there are a lot of key shortcuts that you can use which are important.

In this guide we’ll provide you with the list of hotkeys available in the game’s different modes. In the Sims 4, you can play the game with camera controls that are similar to the Sims 3. This can be accessed by pressing Esc > Game Options > Controls and Camera > Sims 3 Camera. It would be good to use this, especially if you’re coming from the Sims 3.

This camera style angle also provides better controls in terms of camera navigation. Our following guide will cover this camera style. So our guide will follow the Sims 3 camera format.

Camera Controls: Live Mode / Build Mode

When controlling the Sims 4 game, there will be 2 areas that you will attend do often that will need your controls. Since you'll be swapping between the two, knowing some good shortcuts for the different game functions can come in handy instead of trying to open the game's menu or trying to guess.

The controls that are presented on this list are used to control your camera in 2 different modes. In Live mode, this lets you use the camera while your Sim is living their daily life. This can include choosing the actions that they take, managing your Sim's surroundings, and checking different locations. In Build Mode, this lets you move around your lot as you set up the house and all of its components. This can include building new structures, moving them, and even demolishing them.

Hold Right-Click
Move Around the Neighborhood
W or Up Arrow
Move View Up
A or Left Arrow
Move View Left
S or Down Arrow
Move View Down
D or Right Arrow
Move View Right
Left-click Sim Pic
Select that Sim
Left-click Sim Pic
Move Camera to that Sim
Right-Click Sim Pic
Make Camera follow that Sim
Hold Mouse Wheel
Rotate View/Tilt Camera Up or Down
Z, X, or Scroll Mouse Wheel
Zoom In and Out
Walls Up
Walls Down
Page Up
Go up a floor
Page Down
Go down a floor
Shift + Enter
Center on current lot
Take a Screenshot
Take a Video Recording

Live Mode Hotkeys

Now that you know how to use your Camera on live mode, you might be wondering which keys are needed in order to access different menus in the game. You can simply click the icons that you see on the menu in your screen, but having shortcuts can be easier as well. Learning these shortcuts can then evolve to your muscle memory when opening the menus, which will make it faster for you.

Sims 4 Live Mode
Sims 4 Live Mode

This list will show you the different Live Mode hotkeys. These lets you have access to different functions that relate to your Sim’s life. Knowing these keys can let you gain access important information such as your Sim’s needs, aspirations, etc.

Show Aspiration Window.
Show Sim's Inventory
Show Career Tab
Show Skills List
Show Relationship Panel
Show Simology
Show Sim's current Need Levels
Go to Map Mode
Brings up main menu or cancels something
Left Click Object or Sim
Interact with that Object or Sim
Left Click on Selected Sim
Choose different Sim actions
Left Click on Ground
Move Sim to location
Find Active Sim
Space or N
Select the next Sim in the Household
Left Click Sim Portrait
Select that Sim
Control + Shift + C
Access Cheat Console
~ , 1, 2, 3
Pause, Speed 1 (normal), Speed 2, Speed 3.

First Person Mode Hotkeys

When playing the Sims, you usually think of playing the game and viewing what your Sims do in their daily lives right? But how about having the point of view of your Sim, have you wondered what that feels like? Well, an update was provided in the Sims 4 that lets you do this!

Sims 4 First Person Mode
Sims 4 First Person Mode

The First-Person Mode was added in a patch last November 13, 2018. This enables you to check the game through a First-Person perspective. It can be confusing at first, especially if you're not used to first person gameplay, therefore here's the controls that are available for this mode.

Shift + Tab
Enter/Exit First Person View
Left Click
Interact with Sim/Object
Shift (Hold)
Lets you move the mouse for interacting without moving the camera
Right Click
Move Here'
Removes interace
Re-center Camera
Mouse Wheel
Adjust Field of View (FOV)

Buy and Build Mode Hotkeys

One of the detailed tasks that you can do in the Sims 4 are creating homes for your Sims. Sure, you can choose preset options but there is more creative choices available if you start them from scratch. Building the house can be time consuming as well if you keep on using the menu and trying to find out which functions are needed.

Sims 4 Buy and Build Mode
Sims 4 Buy and Build Mode

These are Hotkeys that you can use when you buy items for your home, and when using the game’s build mode. Knowing the different functions here can provide you with a better gameplay experience so you won’t fumble around at the menu trying to look for what you need.

F1, F2, F3
Live Mode, Buy Mode, Build Mode
Hand tool (grab objects)
Wall tool
Ctrl (Hold)
While using Wall tool, hold control to delete walls and rooms.
Shift (Hold)
While using Wall/Room tool, this will toggle between the two
Eyedropper (copy objects)
Sledgehammer (destroy objects)
Delete/Sell object
Design Tool (recolor objects)
+ (Numpad)
Select an object before placing and press + (numpad) to see different color options.
Control + Z
Undo action
Control + Y
Redo action
Grid Toggle
Top Down View toggle
Change lighting
Relocate entire lot
Shift (Hold)
Hold while placing an object, this will place another of the same item
Stores object that you are holding
Rotate selected object to the left
Rotate selected object to the right
Hold Alt w/ Object
Position object anywhere
F5 toggle
Position objects at the grid at 1/2, 1/4 increments.
Control + F
Place 1/4th of a Tile
Hold Alt while Painting
Fill straight Wall with selected Pattern
Hold Shift: Walls and Floors
Fill Floor/Wall with selected Pattern
Brush Size Smaller / Circle and Square brush
Bigger Size Brush / Circle and Square brush
Makes brush softer
Makes brush harder
Hold while painting terrain to return it to default

So those are the controls for the different modes of the game, we hope that this guide will help you with getting familiarized onw how to control things in the Sims 4. These are handy if you plan to build houses and lots often since knowing the best shortcuts available will make your progression faster. Of course, you can freely use the menu in the game as well, but these hotkeys provide you with precision in terms of control. We hope this guide helps you with your game!

If you're just starting out in the Sims 4, perhaps you'll want to check our getting started guide. This is a good way for you to understand what the Sims 4 is about. You can check more information through our pages below:

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