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Purchasing a Home for your Sims

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Purchasing a Home for your Sims

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The home that you're living in is a very important aspect of your life. It provides you with shelter, a place that you can call home and live your life. Now that you have created your Sims as well as understood what their aspirations and traits are, you’ll then start on choosing your neighborhood in order for you to begin the life of your sim. They should have a Home as well, since this is where you'll be providing their needs.

In the Base game of the Sims 4, you have a select number of neighborhoods that you can choose from. Once they start their journey to live their life, you’ll aid them in accomplishing their goals as well as help them progress with their career. In doing so, they'll be able to earn more money, and eventually upgrade the home that they have!

Choosing your Neighborhood

So what are the neighborhood choices in the Base game for the Sims 4? You can let your Sim live in Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, and Newcrest. Once you have chosen your neighborhood, you can then select the lot if you want to move to a house that is already set up, or you can even start from scratch.

Default Neighborhoods
Default Neighborhoods

There are a variety of lots to choose from that can be the property of your Sims. Once they start living there, you can add additional people or you can let your Sim live first in the neighborhood. Whatever choice you do, you can always edit your Sim’s home to your liking.

Once you have chosen your lot, you’ll gain access to the Sim’s build mode. You can have different choices for building such as your flooring, walls, your doors, and roof. You can then place different furniture that you have on hand, and then purchase more later on. You also have the option to use presets if you want to get started right away.

Preset Options
Preset Options

How to access the secret locations in Willow Creek and Oasis Springs

You might be wondering if the neighborhoods that you have chosen only have the spots that you see in the world map. In the Sims 4, you can have access to secret locations that provide you with a different area. When looking around your neighborhood, you’ll get access to different locations that you can explore but there are also secret areas that require specific steps in order for you to access.

Depending on the neighborhood that you choose, you’ll have access to different locations after you answer specific questions that will be provided to you. These areas provide you with some unique interactions for your Sims. You can unlock the Sylvan Glades in Willow Creek, or you can unlock Forgotten Grotto in Oasis Springs.

How to access Sylvan Glades (Willow Creek)

The Sylvan Glades provide you an area with lush trees that have pink leaves, there’s a pond that you can access as well. In order to go there, go to Crick Cabana and then you should find a tree with a thick trunk near the water that you can interact with.

You can view the tree as an option, you must interact with this repeatedly until a door appears. Once you are inside, proceed with the following options: Follow the sound > Follow downstream > Enter the mist

Interact with the tree
Interact with the tree

How to access Forgotten Grotto (Oasis Springs)

The Forgotten Grotto lets you access a hidden mine with water features in the area. In order to access this, you’ll need to go to Desert Bloom Park. You can view to the north east until you see a rocky area. The mines can only be accessed if your Sim has a level 10 Handiness Skill so you might want to go here once you have access to that.

This can be achieved by repairing broken items or letting them learn through books. You can enter the Forgotten Grotto once you can enter the mine. Choose the following options: Take the wide path > Climb the ladder.

Interact with the rocks
Interact with the rocks

We hope that this helps you get started with the Sims 4. Knowing about your Sims, their needs, aspirations, and home is essential since you’ll be able to help them out with their life. You can create different kinds of Sims with unique personalities, and they all can have different Aspirations that you can assign to so you’ll get busy with helping them out. Please check our website for more details on other features of the game as we will be covering them as well.

There are a lot of features available such as editing your household, so knowing the different game controls are vital in order for you to have steady progression with your designs. You'll also might wonder if there will be a time that you'll need to move your Sims to a different household. If so, please check out our guides below since this will hep you out with your progress:

Game Controls Guide
How to move your Sims
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